April 21, 2021

A feast to remember

For many, food isn’t just about sating the appetite, it is a strong connection to family, heritage and even has important religious connections. From Grandma’s chocolate cake that takes you back to being a child to a recipe that has been passed through the generations or a carefully prepared Hindu wedding feast, food can evoke many memories and emotions. This is why our Roots Catering team take your wedding menu planning so seriously and go to all lengths to ensure you have the perfect wedding day food for you and your guests to enjoy.

Over the years we’ve accommodated many different cultural food requirements and are always able to adapt our menus and cooking styles to suit a couple’s needs. From ensuring halal meat is prepared correctly to making sure any kosher requirements are met, our chefs love to research, trial and produce any culinary requests and will always deliver a feast made to the highest exacting standards.

Many of our couples are keen to involve their personal history in their wedding day menu and our talented team is always more than happy to listen and learn new recipes. Our kitchen has conjured delicious Jamaican influenced canapes as a nod to a couple’s proposal destination, recreated old family recipes for pie and mash, potato salad and Black Forest Gateau, and meticulously created an entire Sudanese feast from scratch – we are always willing to go above and beyond to ensure your wedding breakfast is not only delicious, but exactly what you had in mind for your big day.

We are also able to tailor our menus to suit any dietary requirements your guests or wedding party may have. From carefully preparing dishes to suit those with specific allergens to ensuring that any vegan or vegetarian meals are just as delicious and considered as any meat alternative. We love what we do and always work closely with our couples to give you a wedding day feast your friends and family are talking of for years to come.

Images by: Marcel Grabrowski

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