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Spring Wedding Day Inspiration

Wedding day inspiration 2024 (credit: Adorlee)

Why hello spring! With brighter days and blossom filled trees, we’re looking forward to lots of beautiful Southend Barns weddings.

Nothing says romance like spring on the south coast, and everything about our West Sussex wedding venue leans into this glorious time of year. From our countryside setting and carefully landscaped gardens awash with seasonal colour, to our tranquil outdoor ceremony space and of course (in case of April showers!) our cosy and fully protected Collecting Yard. Spring weddings at Southend Barns hold more than a touch of magic.

Read on for our very best 2024 spring wedding trends…

Wedding inspiration for 2024

The Wedding Flower of the Moment

When it comes to curating beautiful spring wedding decor, why not work with what this gorgeous season naturally brings – fabulous flowers!

At a time when the outdoors feels fresh, green and new, nature offers an incredible range of florals to choose from.

Using seasonal flowers is a good idea for a number of reasons, not only do they tend to be cheaper as they are more widely available, picking flowers when they are naturally thriving means you get blooms at their strongest and most beautiful which in turn ensures they will look fresh all day. Many growers cultivate popular flowers for use all year round and not just when they are naturally in-season. This can result in a pricier product and one which can pale in comparison to its in-season counterpart.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few of the most popular seasonal wedding flowers for spring:

  • MarchHyacinth, Narcissi, Muscari
  • AprilRanunculus, Tulip, Anemone
  • MayPeonies, Sweet William, Roses, Lily of the Valley

Wedding flowers inspiration

Elevate Your Arrangements

So you’ve settled on your blooms, but 2024 wedding day florals can be more than just a bouquet or single centrepiece.

From meadow-like arrangements lining the aisle in our Dairy Barn and flower filled arches framing your vows, to textural tablescapes filling the air with fragrance or picturesque ceiling installations making the most of the original beams in our Threshing Barn. We’ve seen spring flowers used to glorious effect by many of our couples, bringing the outdoors in with seasonal blooms beautifully reflecting our surrounding landscape.

Floral displays for weddings

A Road Less Travelled

If full on florals are just not your style, do not fear, there are many gorgeous ways to incorporate a springtime feel into your big day without buying out the local florist!

Your colour palette can be a powerful tool when it comes to creating the desired feel for your wedding day. Pretty pastels are evocative of this time of year and when used carefully can result in chic but romantic wedding styling. Whether you choose a tonal approach with one colour in a variety of textures and hues, or a carefully chosen collection of colours, we’ve seen spring styling done beautifully.

Floral arrangements for wedding table

Taking the Stress Out of Styling

Feeling a little overwhelmed with your spring wedding styling? Then our popular wedding Styling Selections are a great place to start. Inspired by our years of experience planning dream wedding days, we’ve created a range of exquisite decor options combining candlelight, luxury linens, centrepieces, lighting and more, to form the perfect base for our couples to add their own personal touches.

From fabulous fairy light ceiling installations to romantic drapery, textural boho touches, monochromatic chic, luscious greenery and the ultimate elegant wedding day set up. Each of our styling options has been carefully honed to deliver maximum impact, without you lifting a finger.

Wedding cake inspo

The Sweetest Thing

Your cake can be a striking centrepiece and a beautiful addition to your spring wedding theme. We have seen some true masterpieces from the creative cake makers our couples have chosen. From exquisite sugar flowers to hand-painted beauties and fresh flowers to dried pressed designs. Delicious and beautiful, what else could you ask for!

Wedding food inspiration ideas

Let it Grow!

Another glorious side of spring is the abundance of delicious food! Our Kitchen Garden is filled with scrumptious vegetables all ready to be used in our Roots kitchen. Our team of chefs are passionate about using the very best quality ingredients either grown on site or sourced as locally as possible. From homemade bread using our own Wildfarmed flour, fresh vegetables and herbs from our garden to fish and meat sourced locally, we are able to offer the freshest and most flavoursome dishes, knowing the full journey of each of our ingredients.

Some spring favourites from our current menu include our Roots Allotment Vegetable Salad, Sussex Wild Mushroom, Leek and Toasted Pumpkin Seed Tortellini and of course the classic Overnight Shoulder of Lamb, served with a rosemary and cranberry glaze, roasted new potatoes, crushed pea and mint salad and delicious allotment vegetables.

Click here to browse our full menu.

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Photo Credits:
Lydia Stamps Photography

Martin Beard Photography
Elizabeth Ruby Photography
James White Photography
Adorlee Weddings
Kelly Hearn Photography

Guest Blog: Chris Giles Photography

A huge thank you to Chris Giles for taking the time to write our latest guest blog with tips and advice on how to get the best out of your wedding day photos and take advantage of all the beautiful settings and backdrops our venue offers. Chris has photographed many weddings here at Southend Barns and we love his work!

If you’re getting married at Southend Barns then you’ve chosen well! Aside from being a wonderful wedding venue with fantastic staff, it’s a perfect all-weather venue when it comes to photography.

In dry weather you’ve plenty of locations to use for photographs, including the outdoor ceremony area and adjoining meadow, the lawn with its floral backdrop of alliums, grasses and beech trees or the bridal garden complete with water feature that complements the conifers, rose garden and stables.

On a rainy day, the neutral colours of the Dairy Barn provide a beautiful backdrop to pictures, the Threshing Barn also has a warmth unique to itself with lots of places to turn to for amazing photos under cover.

When it comes to photo locations at Southend Barns you’re spoilt for choice but that’s just a small part of the process, here’s some tips to get the best out of your photo session….

  • It’s not a photoshoot for Tatler, it’s fun!
    Natural, relaxed and honest images happen when you’re in the right place emotionally. The key to finding this is to realise it’s just the three of us having a laugh around the venue. A good photographer will be able to distract you enough verbally while having their finger on the shutter button ready for the right moment. It’s a conversation, with the addition of a camera. It’s easy to make it feel more than it is when in reality it’s photos taken to capture your special day. It’s all about you two – everything else is secondary.
  • 15 minutes before, 15 minutes after
    Moving from scene to scene can be refreshing. Breaking up your shoot is an opportunity to spend more time with your guests during your reception. For example by having half your photos before dinner and the rest later when the sun is lower, the light is different and the speeches are over. Emotionally you’ll be in a good place and it’ll give you more variety and mood in your photos.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff
    Things like your veil, flowers, how your dress sits, things in pockets etc are generally the domain of your photographer. When we go to take your photos, we’re on the lookout for everything in the frame that might be off. Stay focused on the space you are both in, be silly, stupid, fun and let us worry about the rest. It’s our job to give you the awesome photos.
  • Leave every bad photo you’ve ever had behind you
    We’ve all had photos taken of us we’d like to forget ever existed and over time they can give us a warped perception of how we actually look. It can be a source of worry that can materialise at your wedding and haunt you a little bit, influencing the photos you have.
    The difference between those pictures and your wedding day photos is that we’re here to show you at your very best, we’ll consider the light, your mood, your positioning relative to each other in an effortless way you won’t even notice. There’s a big difference between a friend snapping a picture on a phone and a high end DSLR with an experienced photographer behind the lens.

Other tips:

  • Before your big day, let your guests know the photographer is not just yours but theirs too. We’re there to take as many photos as possible. By introducing your photographer to everyone, you make them more approachable and therefore better able to capture those special moments.
  • When meeting your photographer, describe what type of photos you don’t like, not so much the ones you do. Give us the freedom to create while avoiding the stuff you definitely don’t want.
  • Avoid any shot lists available on the internet as they’re generic and unrelated to your day. If you give a photographer a list of 80 obvious photos like 1. The Flowers. 2. The Dress etc you risk losing out on the important photos of family, loved ones and beautiful moments because they’re running around shooting inanimate objects to order.

Find out more about Chris by visiting his website.

Jessica Lily Photography

Southend Barns logo

Photographing weddings with a candid, storytelling approach. I want to provide you with a collection of images with feeling, that document your day from the start, all the way to the very end. Using a non traditional approach and romantic style to document your day. I have what I believe is the best job in the world.

All of the work within my portfolio has been documented truthfully. Showing the real connection my couples have. In addition to including the intimate moments and those memorable dance floor antics. No cheesy awkward moments here!

I look forward to hopefully getting to know you both soon!


Southend Barns logo

I’m Nicci, an award winning documentary wedding photographer with a wealth of experience.

I focus on the raw, genuine, less pose-y side of relationships capturing the reality and randomness, the belly laughs, the real love and the key moments – the beautiful and the out-takes – natural wedding photos that embrace the absolute heart and soul of your wedding day, not cheesy poses or having you stand around for hours for family photos. Just you being you! And me capturing what makes you two tick.

If you’re after REAL photos of YOUR day, with true to life colours and a true representation of your day, then please do visit my website and get in touch, I’d be thrilled to hear from you.

OFFER: £100 discount using code SEB21VWF *expires 28th February 2021

Hana Venn Photography

Southend Barns logo

Your wedding photos are never going to be as special as the memories of your big day, but they can definitely be close! I won’t take over your day or put you in weird, awkward poses, and I definitely won’t encourage any nose touching (but if that’s your thing, I’ll be there snapping away!)

My priority is for every photograph to hold a real memory, whether that’s your guests playing garden games, being blinded by the over eager confetti thrower, or the two of you catching up on your mornings.

James White Photography

Southend Barns logo


I like to think of myself as a creative and fun documentary wedding photographer.

From the preparations at the start of the day until the dance floor is in full swing. For me wedding photography is about moments, reactions, emotion and atmosphere. Each wedding is unique, and that’s what I want to capture, without interrupting your celebrations asking you to pose. I’m always hunting those in-between moments.

When you relive the wedding through your photographs I want to you remember how you felt during that moment. Images that reflect who you are as a couple.

If you’re getting married and would like to check availability, just contact me and we can start chatting, I’d love to hear from you!

Kelly Hearn Photography

Southend Barns logo

With over two decades of experience my particular style, introducing humour with a love of natural moments and working with beautiful light is one of the reasons I won the UK Wedding Photographer of the Year and UK Avant-Garde Wedding Photographer of the Year.

I love what I do, and feel strongly the relationship between a couple and their photographer is key. So get in touch to arrange a personal meeting, get to know each other, and discuss ideas for your wedding day.

Making you feel comfortable whilst having fun with your photography, enables us to be creative with the images we capture, that go together to tell your story and create your bespoke hand designed wedding album.


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