Your entertainment questions answered – Nathan, Toast Functions

We have been providing wedding entertainment at Southend Barns since they first opened five years ago. The beautifully restored barns are one of our favourite venues not only due to their excellent set up and tremendous acoustics, but also because the team are so lovely and well it’s just plain pretty! So, when I was asked to do a guest spot on their blog I couldn’t be happier to oblige and pass on my top tips to their brides and grooms to be!

Band or DJ?

This is one of the questions we are asked most at Toast and it is one I find difficult to answer. It very much depends on your budget and what kind of atmosphere you are after. DJs can offer more flexibility so you can easily cater to all tastes and ages, they can also easily change the style and pace of music depending on the mood of guests on the day. On the flip side, live music is great for creating a particular ambience or if you want to find an act that fits in with a certain theme such as vintage or folk. Many of our couples opt to go for both and cover all bases. Whatever you decide, Southend Barns is well set up for all of your entertainment ideas, whether you want a harpist for the ceremony, a jazz band during drinks and a DJ for the reception!

How can I keep guests entertained whilst we get our photographs done?

This is a frequent conundrum for brides and grooms, however ensuring guests enjoy themselves whilst you pop off to get some romantic shots is a problem easily solved. Just think of it like a party, people need refreshments, music and something to help break the ice. Acoustic acts like Tea for Two work beautifully in this scenario with their upbeat but laid back repertoire, or for a more traditional take on background music why not take a listen to our Toast String Quartet or Chapel Hill? Combine your mood setting musicians with an interactive entertainer like a magician or caricaturist to keep guests so occupied they won’t even realise you have gone.

Do we need to consider the technical side?

We are a team of professional and experienced musicians, when you hire a Toast act, you hire everything you could possibly need for a perfect performance. We liaise directly with the team at Southend Barns about set up times and sound checks so you needn’t worry about a thing.

If you wish we can also offer our expertise on timings. Our years in the business have shown us lots of tricks of the trade. For example, if you are having a summer wedding it is wise to not have your first dance too early, as guests are likely to still be soaking up the rays in the courtyard and may miss it.

We have ages ranging from three to ninety-three at our wedding. How can we ensure everyone is happy with the music?

Our bands and DJs are pros at getting guests up and on the dancefloor and their set lists have been carefully honed to get all ages dancing. However, our acts are also very experienced at what they do so if for some reason one particular type of song isn’t doing too well, they will quickly adapt to ensure your night is a roaring success.

At Toast we pride ourselves on having a wide range of acts to suit all tastes. From jazz bands to party bands you are sure to be able to find one which fits your personal wedding style.

If you have any further questions about your Southend Barns wedding feel free to contact us on 01243 937138. We are so local we can easily arrange a chat or even meet you at the venue.