Keeping cool during a heat wave wedding

A beautiful sunny day is at the top of most summer wedding wish lists and with the recent sun-drenched heat wave, our couples have relished making use of our new outdoor ceremony space, The Secret Garden.

Like all things, the glorious weather comes with its own set of challenges. However, our brides and grooms have addressed the heat with full aplomb and come up with creative ideas to help keep guests cool and comfortable during the nuptials and celebrations.

Your biggest fan

Recently one imaginative couple had the great idea of transforming their orders of service into fans. The pair simply attached wooden craft sticks to the cards to create super-easy but effective portable fans which guests could then use throughout the day. Other couples have helped to keep guests refreshed by providing small electric fans or folded paper fans as an alternative to wedding favours.

Drink it up

Hydration is key when it comes to keeping cool during the warmer months. We always provide jugs of water for when guests arrive and during the ceremony but we’ve also seen couples go even further with personalised wedding water bottles.

The cream of the crop

Delight guests with your very own ice cream van or bike. Depending on your wedding style, opt either for a vintage van with a selection of delicious, locally made ice creams, or why not bring back childhood memories with old favourites like Fabs, Twisters and of course the classic 99.

Defeat the heat

Swathes of beautiful chiffon and lace combined with 30-degree heat can make for a rather glowing bride. So, to ensure you stay looking picture perfect throughout your big day, it is wise to keep blotting paper and mineral face mist on hand to rectify any heat related issues.

Shady spots

Ensuring there is plenty of shade is especially important for elderly guests and children at an outdoor wedding. Our Secret Garden features two sunshades at the entrance, an ideal spot to sit any guests who may be more vulnerable to the heat. Our Collecting Yard also provides protection from the sun so guests can still enjoy the garden party atmosphere during the reception. You could even provide pretty parasols for guests to help themselves to – these make for great photo opportunities too.

Photo credits: Bev Downie; Camilla Arnhold