July 1, 2021

One week before your big day?

One week before your big day? Welcome to the final countdown! We’re sure excitement levels are in overdrive right now as you make final preparations for your long-awaited wedding. To help ensure this last week is as enjoyable as possible, we have put together some suggestions on what you and your partner can be doing to make sure your day is as joyous and memorable as you’d always imagined…

Beauty Prep:
Go for a manicure or pedicure and be sure to purchase the chosen nail polish colour to bring home with you so that you can fix any accidental chips.
Why not get a treatment such as a relaxing massage or hair-conditioning mask to help you relax and feel amazing for your big day. We would avoid any new treatments or facials though, just in case of reactions.

Final Dress fittings:
Ask your maid of honour to join you in a final dress fitting. It is important they can get to know your dress, ask questions about your gown, and learn how to help make it look its best. What if it creases, can it be steamed or ironed? If it gets a stain, how can I remove it? How can I bustle the dress? How does it fasten, could you show me? No question is a silly question here!
Be sure to bring along your wedding shoes, jewellery, veil, and handbag to the fitting to ensure it all works together.
You also must remember to move around in the gown to get used to how it feels and don’t forget to break in your wedding shoes!

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Final crafting for DIY bits:
If you have chosen to craft any wedding favours or décor, now is the time to complete these projects and have them boxed up and labelled with instructions ready to drop off to our team.
Pack your overnight bag:
It is important to be prepared so that you don’t forget anything. We have compiled a list of a few bits that we think are essential in your overnight bag!
o Makeup remover/ cotton pads
o Flat shoes
o PJs
o Phone charger
o Wedding night lingerie
o An outfit (for the day after)
o Painkillers
o Toiletries
o A few snacks in case you need some sustenance during hair & makeup
o Makeup bag
o Hairbrush
o Perfume
o Gifts/cards for your bridal party and partner

Clean your engagement ring:
Make sure your ring is glistening, it is going to be centre of attention on your wedding day and the photographer is going to want to take a picture of it with your new wedding band! Take the time to visit your jeweller to give it a good clean.

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Write a card for your partner for the wedding morning:
One of our favourite wedding traditions is the exchange of a wedding card between partners. Keep it personal and speak from the heart, it is something you will both love to look back on.

We hope you enjoy preparing for your wedding in this very exciting week, we can’t wait to see and celebrate with you soon!

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