A pretty touch of paper

A surprising but versatile choice, the humble paper decoration has been used to amazing effect at more and more weddings this year. From beautifully crafted snowflakes to exquisite oversized origami flowers, this cost-effective trend can be tailored to fit any colour scheme and tie in with most wedding styles.

Light the way

Our Dairy Barn has been the perfect backdrop for hanging streams of paper lanterns lit from within with fairy lights. They look stunning draped from beam to beam or wrapped amongst foliage to create a secret garden theme. Some couples have also opted to line the aisle with cut out paper bags holding artificial candles, making the special walk to your husband-to-be that much more magical.

Floral fantasy

We’ve seen a rise in DIY photo booths this year with lots of original ideas for backdrops and props. Paper has been put to good use with walls of oversized paper flowers, bright paper streamers and vibrant paper pom poms used as backgrounds to tie in with the wedding theme and create a more personal touch.

Swinging from the rafters

Our barns are a blank canvas for couples to decorate as they wish, and many take full advantage of our high ceilings and beautiful beams by decorating with DIY or sourced paper pom poms, honeycomb balls and paper fans. This is an effective and inexpensive way to add a little extra pop of colour to your wedding decoration.

Shake your tail feather

For something a little different, paper feathers have featured at several of our Southend Barns weddings. From wedding favours to table centerpieces, these pretty paper plumes can be any colour, size or shape and if you are after a glamourous edge, they look fabulous dipped in metallic paint for a luxe finish.

A little something for the future

A lovely alternative to a wedding book, one of our couples asked guests to write down messages for them to read on their first ‘paper’ wedding anniversary!

Simply ask guests to roll their messages up and pop into a large bottle, or take advantage of our lovely Southend Barns post box and have friends and family post their well wishes ready for you to open one year down the line.