February 22, 2021

Q&A: A last minute change of date

We will never forget the 24th December 2020, the day we helped rearrange a whole wedding in under 24 hours!

After a virtual viewing with us during the first lockdown, Michelle and David’s wedding had been set for 29th December but when a third lockdown was announced and due to come into effect from Boxing Day it meant they would have to postpone. However, there was no way this couple were not going to get married in 2020, so in less than 24 hours we worked with Michelle and David to arrange everything so they could enjoy their 15-guest wedding day on Christmas Eve. They also have plans to return on the 29th December 2021, what would have been their first wedding anniversary, to hold a larger celebration party.

Here we talk to the newlyweds about how they found their last minute intimate wedding:

With a very last minute change of date, was your wedding day as special and memorable as you dreamed it would be?
100%. With the date brought forward by just 5 days, most things were set and ready to go. It was an incredible day and, although sadly a couple of our closest friends couldn’t make the rearranged date, everyone was able to be a part of it with us via the Zoom link. It was just magical and completely relaxed. We couldn’t really have wanted for more from our special day.

What challenges did you face/overcome by rearranging your day in such a short space of time? How did it all come together?
The entire team at Southend Barns were just phenomenal and made everything as streamlined as it possibly could have been. They reorganised for all the catering to be turned around in less than 24 hours (we wouldn’t have minded what we ate at this stage but they managed to pull off the special menu we had chosen), they liaised with the registrars and got them rebooked for us, they tee’ed up a florist when we realised ours couldn’t accommodate the last minute change in date, and they saw to the little details like confetti and tealights etc too. They had an answer for everything and went above and beyond, taking all the stress out of the change for us. After the changes to restrictions were announced to come into effect on Boxing Day, we called them to see whether a last minute shift of date might be an option, they were already on the case having made calls and got the ball rolling. Always one step ahead. We’ve seen someone else describe the team as the DREAM TEAM – and we 100% agree.

The only thing that couldn’t be reorganised was hair and makeup… so I did my own. It didn’t turn out toooo badly. David still had a big smile on his face as I walked down the aisle towards him.

Did you find any unexpected highlights to holding a smaller wedding day? What were they?
The intimacy of the day was very very special. One of our closest friends wondered whether we should still go ahead and would the day be as special…. but after the day she sent this: “The whole day was just so special – I want to get married again with just a handful of people – it’s soooo special. Small is the new big”.❤

It was incredibly relaxed and such a happy day. And we can celebrate with our wider group of friends and family when it’s safe to do so. Two bites of the cherry! And I get to wear my dress twice!!!

What were your most memorable moments from your day?
The ceremony itself: being walked down the aisle by my dad and the funniest of moments when he shook David by the hand and said “Good Luck” – the subtext of which was, “you’re going to need it mate!”

The speeches by my dad, David and his two boys. All very special. Chilling in the bridal suite afterwards and reflecting on an incredible day. Just being wrapped up in the biggest bubble of love during the best possible day.

Is there any advice you would give to other couples planning an intimate wedding at this time?
Deciding who will be on your guest list is the toughest part. Don’t stress about it. Everybody understands, loves you, and just wants you to have the best possible day… look at ways in which you can make them feel involved though. If there’s a way that they can be involved in your special day – whether it’s by simply zooming your big day – it helps everyone feel included (and it’s lovely to play back afterwards). It might be worthwhile looking at investing in a mic to help improve the audio quality would just be our take-away from that.

And just go for it! You never know what’s around the corner and the most important thing is the bride and groom exchanging vows with their very closest friends and family being part of the special moment – whether in person or online.

How helpful did you find the team when you had to revise your original plans and also in ensuring that your celebrations ran smoothly?
We couldn’t have done it without them. There are no words to articulate quite how amazing the entire team are/were – not only from the point of view of running the day itself and it’s pre-planning like clockwork, but the warmth that exudes every single one of them. You genuinely feel that it is their life’s mission to deliver you the best possible day and that they would go to the ends of the earth to help make that happen. They’re literally THE BEST.

Photos by Anna B Photography.

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