The Big Balloon Wedding Trend

In 2017, we saw an exciting new trend emerging at Southend Barns, and it appears to be ramping up to become the major wedding trend for 2018, balloons!

We are not talking about pastel coloured pear shaped balloons traditionally used at children’s birthday parties. The new balloon trends include over-sized circular balloons used in bright colours and mylar balloons (better described as letter balloons), these are a fun way to spell out names, messages or directions to guests!

Balloons are an affordable alternative to big floral displays and have been stepping up to replace some past trends like bunting and paper lanterns, to add a colourful, versatile and eye-catching splash of decor on your special day.

The large round balloons can be used for many parts of your wedding, from lining the aisle in the Dairy Barn or the entrance to the barns, to being used as table centrepieces or a backdrop to the top table. They also make a fun prop for photos! Rather than anchoring the balloons with string there are so many options to add further detail and texture such as coordinated tassels, greenery, ribbons and flowers.

Letter balloons are a great alternative for signs and can be used all around the venue for areas such as the ‘DANCE’ floor, ‘BAR’ area, ‘CAKE’ table or for pretty personal touches for your photos. Popular choices like ‘LOVE’ and ‘MR&MRS’ add romantic props to your special photos and memories of the day.

We can’t wait to see what new heights this fun new trend will reach this summer!

Photography by: Martin Beddall Photography, Adorlee, Dan Barlow Photography.