The secret language of flowers…

A perfect way to personalise your wedding is to choose flowers for your bouquet and floral arrangements that hold specific meanings in the language of flowers. We teamed up with Lucy from The Floral Artisan to tell us about just some of the flowers that hold hidden meanings.

When your guests step into a venue for the first time, the sight and scent of beautiful blooms are one of the first things they notice. While the colour and shape of your chosen flora is important, a magical touch for your big day is to choose flowers that have specific meanings, providing an added layer of significance to your wedding celebrations

The classic wedding flower of the rose has different meanings when used in an arrangement, depending on the colour you pick. White roses, a popular bouquet choice, stand for purity, innocence and youthfulness, while red roses represent love, passion and beauty. Light or dusty pink petals are said to mean admiration, gentleness and grace and peach-coloured blooms suggest sincerity and gratitude.

Sweet Peas
The homely sweet pea, with its beautiful scent and array of tones to suit any wedding colour scheme, is not only a firm favourite of mine but also many other couples when choosing their wedding flowers. This little sweet scented flower symbolises the initial enjoyment of delicate pleasures and gratitude, fitting for a bride’s bouquet.

Lily of the Valley
Only available during the spring months, this delicate little flower with its distinct scent and umbrella petals symbolises “the return of happiness”. This beautiful little flower was chosen by Kate Middleton for her wedding day bouquet because of its secondary meaning as well – trustworthiness.

Another favourite wedding bloom, with its sweetly scented blooms represents friendship, trust and honesty. They’re a beautiful addition to any wedding arrangement, representing the intimate trust a couple places in each other on their special occasion and the importance of friendship within a marriage.

The beautiful full blooms of peonies are known as the flower of riches and honour. With their lush, full, rounded bloom, peonies embody romance and prosperity and are regarded as an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage, no wonder these stunning blooms are high on the list of favourite wedding flower choices!

Ranunculus symbolises the receiver being “radiant with charms” and “rich in attractions”. These ruffled, bold blooms come in a variety of colours from elegant whites and pinks to fiery reds and gold, allowing these beauties to be used with a wide range of colour schemes.

The delicate white flowers of stephanotis can look strikingly stunning in a simple bouquet. The elegant trumpet flowers of this Madagascan plant are said to symbolise marital happiness, making them a perfect addition to any floral arrangement on your special day.

The trusty hydrangea fell out of favour as a wedding flower for a long time, but as with all fashions, its bold sprays of tightly-packed blooms are beginning to see a renaissance amongst wedding flower choices. The hydrangea has often symbolised a meaning of ‘heart felt emotion’ which makes this an ideal bloom to add to your list of wedding flower choices.

These bold bright blooms symbolise adoration and loyalty. The meaning of sunflowers also comes from within its name “the sun” and they are known for being the “happy” flowers, making them the perfect gift to bring joy to your special day.

From wedding floral arrangements full of colourful, blousy pink peonies and roses to simple, small and delicate bouquets of lily of the valley, or floral crowns of scented sweet peas for your flower girls – the symbolism behind each little bloom can add even more of a special touch to your wedding day!

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