November 15, 2023

Tips for a Rainy Day Wedding

From storms to sunshine and back to storms again, this week has reminded us just how changeable the good old British weather can be.

If you’re planning your wedding for the winter months, please don’t feel disheartened, we are here to show you that, whatever the weather, your Southend Barns wedding day will be everything you ever dreamed.

Our Sussex wedding venue is perfectly equipped to combat anything Mother Nature throws at us, giving you full use of our venue, no matter rain or shine. In our experience, the weather you wouldn’t necessarily wish for, can result in the most beautiful of celebrations.

Keep reading for our tips for a breath-taking rainy day wedding.

Raindrops Keep Falling
Providing shade from the sun or a cosy shelter from the drizzle and overlooking our picturesque gardens, our outdoor Collecting Yard has been entirely weather proofed to protect from the elements. Complete with chic glass screens to shield the wind, and iconic three peaks above, it’s as stylish as it is practical. The fire pit, alfresco bar, twinkling lights, heaters, sheepskin rugs and blankets make this a glorious outdoor retreat, in all weathers.

The Collecting Yard also makes a great spot to make the most of our Terrace Cocktail Bar and food options. Why not opt for delicious s’mores by the fire, a drinks station serving warm drinks like our luxury hot chocolate, or perhaps our speciality mulled wine, mulled cider and seasonal cocktails? Click here to take a look at more of our food and drink options.

It’s a Beautiful Day
One of the reasons our barn venue makes a great choice any time of year, is our stunning ceremony options. Whether you are tying the knot alongside our resident alpacas in the peaceful Secret Garden, or making your way down the aisle under gorgeous exposed beams in our Dairy Barn, our licensed indoor and outdoor ceremony spaces provide you with a perfectly picturesque backdrop for your vows.

Under My Umbrella
One of our favourite rainy day wedding moments is the Southend Barns umbrella tunnel! On the short journey to and from your ceremony space, keeping the bride and groom dry is priority, so our whole team gets involved in creating shelter from the rain with an impressive line-up of pretty white umbrellas. Some of the most memorable wedding pictures have been captured under this canopy – a truly romantic moment.

Kiss The Rain
Remember the scene when Mr Darcy declares his love in the pouring rain, or how about that famous stormy kiss in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Whilst we aren’t suggesting you drench yourself for dramatic effect on your wedding day, in the right venue rain can be incredibly romantic and make for some absolutely glorious wedding photographs.

Couples have used the rain to beautiful effect in our tranquil grounds, encouraging photographers to take advantage of the glistening backdrop of our stunning, surrounding countryside. Whether a portrait beneath a shimmering halo of leaves or a sweet embrace under a clear umbrella, rainy-day wedding photos have a romance all of their own. We have even had couples channel that ultimate movie moment with a romantic kiss in the rain at the end of the night!

Whether you prefer to keep your carefully coiffed hair intact or embrace the elements, we have a great variety of picture-perfect locations throughout our venue including our rose garden, pretty pergola, alpaca field, Mama Lou Shepherd’s Hut and many more.

Chase The Rainbow
Now we couldn’t possibly discuss the beauty of a rainy wedding day without bringing up the romance of the rainbow. Thought to be a sign of good luck on a wedding day, it also makes for some spectacular photos.

Surrounded by blissful countryside with clear views all around, our Sussex wedding venue is the perfect spot to capture this beautiful arc of colour in all its glory. Just make sure your photographer keeps a watchful eye on the skies, because when it comes to that kiss at the end of the rainbow, timing is everything.

Blame It on The Weatherman
If the weather forecast is looking a little unpredictable, hair and make-up can be the first thing to spring to mind for the bridal party (and guests). To ensure your wedding day look remains pristine, chat with your hair and make-up artists about weather-proofing. However, if you are planning on doing your own hair and make-up, here are a few things that can help you combat the damp…

If your hair is prone to frizz at the first hint of rain it is key to keep it super moisturised in the run up to your big day. Whether this means splashing out for a pro keratin treatment or adding a few DIY intensive hair masks to your pre wedding day routine. When it comes to make up, you never know when a sentimental word might trigger the waterworks, so whatever the weather, budge proof options are always the best choice.

Here Comes the Sun
The takeaway? If your wedding day is approaching and the forecast isn’t looking promising, please don’t fret. Our venue has been carefully designed to cater for a beautiful wedding day in all-weather conditions. No matter what, our expert team work tirelessly to ensure you have a day you and your guests will remember fondly for years to come. From having umbrellas at the ready and blankets to keep guests’ cosy to serving up warm drinks and keeping the barns looking immaculate throughout your day, we’ve got you covered!

So, put down the weather app, embrace the elements and, rain or shine, let Southend Barns give you the celebration you have always dreamed of.

Photo Credits:
Ross Hurley Photography
Emma Hare Photography
Ruby Roux Photography
Joab Woodger-Smith Photography

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