May 18, 2021

World Cocktail Day

To celebrate World Cocktail Day we shared one of our favourite signature cocktails, the much-loved Mojito using our Executive Chef, Dan Clarke’s special recipe:

50ml Havana 3yr old rum
4 x lime wedges
10 mint leaves
15ml brown gomme
Fever Tree soda
Crushed ice
Mint sprigs

  1. Take a high ball glass and add the brown gomme, squeezed limes wedges and smashed mint
  2. muddle these ingredients together using a muddler, wooden spoon or rolling pin
  3. fill the glass half full of crushed ice
  4. pour in the rum over the crushed ice
  5. take a spoon and mix vigorously so that the lime, mint and rum is all mixed together
  6. top up with more crushed ice to the top of the glass
  7. top up with soda, add a straw and a sprig of fresh mint


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