May 27, 2022

A special sculpture to mark our 10th anniversary

To mark 10 years of beautiful weddings here at Southend Barns we have commissioned a special sculpture by local artist Kate Viner.

The piece was created to embody not just love but real connection and captures the moment just before a kiss, with the couple completely engaged with each other. It is meant to represent each and every couple who has celebrated here over the last decade.

Standing 75cm tall and made from bronze, the sculpture will be displayed in our gardens for all to enjoy. It has been created so that over the years its exposure to the elements will cause the bronze hues to evolve, getting richer and richer, meaning the sculpture will become even more beautiful as time passes.

We worked with Kate 10 years ago to create the beautiful wrought-iron chandeliers that you can still see today hanging in the Threshing Barn so she was our obvious choice for this special anniversary sculpture. It is exactly what we hoped for and we can’t wait to reveal it later this month at our anniversary party.

To find out more about Kate Viner’s work click here –

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