January 11, 2021

Queen Bees

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? Queen Bees specialise in making French Macarons, an ultimate indulgence at your wedding. These delights can complement any colour scheme due to the bespoke shades we can create.

Macarons look seriously smart, making them an excellent choice as wedding favours. Beautifully packaged on the dining tables they’re the perfect scrummy gift for your guests. Macarons can be custom shaped, hand painted, etched or gold leafed to make them extra special. We can provide limitless flavour and colour combinations. Hundreds can be arranged across tiers to create an attractive Macaron Tower, offering you a wedding cake alternative or a tasty centrepiece on a dessert/buffet table. Your tower will become a talking point as guests will be eager to tuck in and try your chosen flavours.

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